A little about me...

My husband Dan, our son Oak, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a little one and a half story house with our cat and a small flock of chickens in the backyard.  We are passionate about good food, simple living, urban homesteading, quality music, and deep relationships.  I love all things domestic and am always looking for ways to make and make do with what I have.  My favorite things in life include listening to my singer/songwriter husband make music, reading picture books with Oak, snuggling with my kitty cat, eating on our deck, and creating quality clothing from fabric or yarn.  I have my Masters degree in teaching English as a Second Language and I have worked and taught at the University of Minnesota for 10 years.  I recently stepped down from my adjunct teaching role there and am now embarking on the stay-at-home mom journey in order to bring more simplicity and a better rhythm to our lives.  

This blog is about my life and the things I'm learning and am passionate about.  I hope you find it enjoyable and inspiring.  

Grace and peace.

Megan Rodriguez

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