celebrating our love

This weekend Dan and I got to escape for a few days and celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  It was an absolutely wonderful weekend, even though it's been almost a month since our actual anniversary!  We stayed at the Spicer Castle Inn and spent our time reading, dreaming, laughing, talking, and just enjoying being together.  Since the inn is on a rather large lake, we decided to take my grandpa's boat with us and enjoy one last water adventure for the season.  

Throughout the weekend, my fingers also made a ton of progress on my "honeymoon sweater," a cardigan for myself that I started on our honeymoon two years ago.  It's a project that has spent a lot of time sitting in my knitting basket while other many other projects have gone on and off the needles.  It's finally nearing completion, though, and I'm getting rather excited about it!

It was a truly wonderful weekend--one which made me love my dear husband so much more.  Here's to the rest of our lives together, my love.