knitting, knitting everywhere

With the colder weather fast approaching, I've found my hands constantly reaching or wanting to reach for the comforting and cozy feel of my yarn and needles.  And with so many projects currently in progress, its not hard to find one that fits the mood or the situation.  There is my big honeymoon sweater that's getting a bit awkward for discrete knitting settings and there are numerous Christmas gifts that are various sizes and in various stages of completion.  I'm squeezing in a row or two as I wait for the bus, several rows as I ride the bus, a bit while sitting in church, a ton while road-tripping with my love, and the usual moments on the couch at the end of the day.  I'm so completely and thoroughly enjoying knitting right now.  I'm even finding myself day dreaming about yarn and projects while I should be doing other grading papers.  

Knitting, oh knitting, thanks for filling all of my little moments throughout the day.