budding new life

This week, Holy Week, is a special week for me.  For some it may be a week full of religious rituals and celebrations.  For others, just a normal week.  For me, this week is a reminder of the truly undeserved and amazing grace and love that have been given to me.  I love that this week falls during this season of new life.  The budding trees, tulips popping from the ground, the brown grass slowly turning green.  These are all signs of new life in the world around me and those things remind me of the ways that my faith and hope are made new when I allow myself to trust in and fully accept the love that has been given to me.  

The church community that I'm apart of was talking this weekend about how the Church often focuses on personal sacrifice at this time of year, as a way to relate to the suffering of Jesus. We started talking about the possibility of using this time to focus outwardly, instead of inwardly.  That instead of connecting ourselves to the suffering of Jesus, perhaps, we could connect ourselves to the suffering of those around us.  The truth is that when we do that, we are essentially connecting ourselves to Jesus himself.   

This concept got me thinking about this upcoming week and that maybe I could focus more outwardly, instead of inwardly.   That maybe I could share love with the people around me in a more intentional way.  Maybe that love could take the form of a cup of water, a hug, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear.  Perhaps it could be far more.  

While some of you reading this may not share my faith or beliefs, I think we can all agree that a little love can go a long way.  So as you start this week, I encourage to spend some of it focusing outwardly, rather than inwardly.  We may never see the results of that bit of selflessness, but I'm positive that it will make an impact.  Perhaps you could be the hope that someone needs, just as the budding lilacs are hope that spring is finally arriving.

Grace and peace to you in this beautiful week ahead.