the ladies - week three

This has been another exciting week in the world of chickens (the posts from the past two weeks can be found here).  Some of the highlights included a new perch for the brooder (made by my handy husband), a newfound fascination for mushrooms and bananas (the mushrooms caused much ruckus, including thievery and running in circles...we found it quite entertaining...and there may have been several rounds of mushroom feeding!), a discovery that if the lid is off the brooder, the chicks can now jump/fly right out of it (yikes!!), and a ton of new growth with feathers, beaks, combs, and feet!

They have also become quite stinky in the past week, we've realized.  And while I'm thoroughly enjoying them, I am not thoroughly enjoying their smelly poo.  They may be moving to the basement soon, since mid-May (when they may be ready for their outdoor coop) is still rather far away...

Their personalities have also developed over this past week.  While some may scoff at the idea of chickens having a personality, I must say, they sure do!  

Henrietta, is still the bold and fearless leader.  She was the first to discover the escape/adventure route mentioned above.  

Birdie has become quite strong willed and a bit of a bully.  She can often be found stealing food and bumping others off the perch.  We're keeping an eye on that one!

Trudy is a scaredy-chick and the runt.  She does not like to be held and she does not like to get in anyone's way.  She's the last to realize that there is fresh food in the brooder and she's timid to go for it once she's realized it's presence.  I'm trying to give her extra attention, in hopes that she'll grow more comfortable with people.  

Chicken is as curious as ever, always seeking out the new food, new places, new adventures.  She's also been developing these pretty white tips on the ends of her feathers.  It's fun to see how she and Pollo are changing in similar and different ways.  

Pollo has possibly become my favorite (shhhh.....).  She's a snuggler!!  She loves being held and is content perching on your hand for quite some time.  She's the only one who willingly lets you pick her up without much of a fuss and she's getting this cute tuff of white feathers near her tail feathers.  She is also learning how to sleep like a chicken, where the others are still falling asleep with their faces on the ground or on each other.  

Then there's Siah, the handsome feline.  He's more than curious about the ladies, but is still being very gentle and sweet with them.  They are also very curious about him and are not very shy about letting him know of their curiosity.  

Here's to another week with the ladies!  What adventures are happening in your homes right now?