the ladies - week four

Happy Friday to you all!  If you saw my ridiculous Easter post, then you probably assumed that my chickens participated in an equally ridiculous photo shoot to produce that picture!  It's true!  I admit it.  We had a photo shoot.  And one of the other fabulously ridiculous outcomes was the gem below.  If you enjoy it even a fraction of the amount that I continue to enjoy it, I'll be a happy lady. 

On that note...It's been another full week with the ladies and the one word I have to describe that week is "pee-eeww!!"  These ladies stink!!!!  With that being said, we are still enjoying them immensely...we're just anxiously awaiting the middle of May when they can lovingly be pushed outside...for good!  

This past weekend included a few long afternoons outside.  While I cleaned up the yard, they pecked at anything and everything and even discovered the taste and excitement of worms!  By the end of both afternoons they were spent and ready for a good nap!

This is my cuddle-dud Pollo.  All of the other ladies were off snoozing in the sun on their own, but she wanted to be on my blanket by my side.  She's sweet.

Birdie enjoying some Easter sunshine with my love.  She has some beautiful orange and brown feathers coming in on her chest.  Her breed (Ameraucana) can look quite different from one another, so it's fun watching her colors develop.  

Chicken practicing her acrobatics. 

Henrietta, just being large and in-charge.

Trudy, slowly catching up to the others in feather growth and wing development.  She's mellowed a little this week and has been ok with sitting on my hand for a more extended period of time.  I think she may be warming to me...maybe

This next week will hopefully include some initial construction on a coop for the ladies!  I'm so excited to see what my handy husband has in store for them!  I think they will also be moving from the sewing area to the basement, due to their smelliness and the dust that is either coming from their food or bedding, or both!  My goodness, my sewing machine and piano are not happy about that dust!

Here's to another week of growth and warmer weather for us all!