the coop

Construction has begun!  Whoohooo!!  One more week and these ladies will be able to move into their new digs.  We're all excited.  (Well...they have no idea...but Dan and I are excited!)  The plans for our coop started developing last summer.  They was a model coop at our state fair that we made a point to see, take pictures of, ask questions about, and thoroughly inspect.  Then at the end of the summer, we went on the Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour sponsored by Egg|Plant Supply in St. Paul.  It was a lovely event where people around the city opened their backyards for people to stop by, meet their chickens, and see their coops.  After gathering lots of information from books, people, and the internet, we came up with the following design.  I'll post more once it's complete and give a full tour and explain all of the exciting features.  (The chimney in the picture below was just a fun sketching addition...I don't think that will really be apart of the finished product...)

The ladies seem to be really enjoying the new coop!  They hang out on it, under it, and around it quite a bit.  I think they will adjust rather quickly to their new home once it's complete.  

Happy Friday from us to you!  I hope your backyards, be they urban farms, suburban flower beds, or rural spawning lawns, are beginning to burst with life and summer projects!  Here's to a beautiful, restful, and productive weekend!