an apron for me

One of my very first sewing projects was a pair of aprons, one for my mom and and one for my step-mom.  Now, I realize that many people often choose aprons as a good starter project, and that is essentially what I did as well.  However, instead of choosing a simple apron with a few seams and straight stitches, I choose one of the most complicated and advanced apron patterns in the known world.  These starter aprons of mine included a full bodice, a waistband, two sets of straps, and a full lining.  I remember staring at the rounded bodice pieces and thinking, huh! these simply can't fit together!!  They sure enough did, though, and through that project I learned so much more than I ever would have gotten out of a sewing class.  Sewing classes are great for some, but I learn better on my own, with my hands and brain deep within a task.  

After all of these years (and many more complicated projects), I'd made several aprons for other people, but had yet to make one for myself!  A couple years back, I made an apron for my step-sister out of this lovely lemon fabric that I found at JoAnn.  I adored the simple look (and relatively simple pattern) and I adored the fabric!  So, when I ended up with a bit of extra, I tucked it away for an apron for myself.  I've pulled the fabric out a few times since, but other projects (Christmas presents, birthday presents, my wedding dress, tree skirts, etc.) have taken precedence.  This past winter break the cutting and pinning finally began, and an apron was in progress!  It wasn't until this past week, though, that I finally finished it! 

Other than the polka dotted green ruffle and straps, I was able to make the apron from leftover fabric, which is always so nice!  The lining had to be pieced together, as did the ruffle and scraps, but an apron was made, and that's the important thing!  My kitty-cat was also right there along side of me through the process.  He loves our sewing times together! (Also, it's lovely to have my sewing area back to normal without all the dust and stinkiness!!) 

I must say, that I'm very thrilled to finally have a cute and clean apron for myself!  Hooray!! 

How about you??  What have you been sewing these days?!