garden notes :: 6.16.14

This past week or so the garden began to really show growth and make me feel like the planting season has indeed past and the growing season is here and in full force!  

The biggest change in the garden has been the mulching of the tomatoes with straw.  Last year I planted cheap tomato plants that I had purchased at a wholesale place.  I had poor success with them, both in fruit quality and in plant health.  Most of my plants got blight last year, which may have been in part due to the low-quality plants, but also probably because I didn't know that tomato plants prefer to be clean!  They don't like having dirt splash up onto their leaves during rain or waterings.  So, this year, I decided to prune my tomatoes (all quality heirloom varieties) to one vine and mulch them.  I started by cutting off the lowest branches to make room for the mulch, then added the mulch.  I'm planning to train them to one vine by cutting of the suckers.  For me, I prefer more compact tomatoes that grow on stakes, because they help me to pack more into my little urban garden.  

The beans are looking fantastic!  The pole beans have a make-shift trellis that is going to get them climbing until a more permanent version is made.  The radishes have been thinned and should be ready in the next couple weeks.  The carrots are slowly starting to make an appearance between the rows of radishes.  Carrots truly are a vegetable for the patient, but they are oh-so worth it!

The potatoes are seeming to enjoy their shady side of the garden!  Yay!  I'm so very glad.  At this point, I'm hoping a few more of them pop through the ground, though, as my success rate is a bit low just now....

My giant allium is also about to bloom!!  Yay!!

How are your dear gardens growing?!  I'd love to know!