garden notes :: 6.23.14

Rain, rain, lots and lots of rain!  We are quite saturated here, but my plants seem to be holding up well!  Almost everything has been making good progress over this past week.  My beans are climbing and my tomatoes have been tied to their stakes.  The broccoli and lettuce greens have not been fairing so well, though.  The chickens seem to think that I planted those things for them....(they also seem to think that about the kale and dill on my deck....)  So, at this point, we most likely won't have any fall broccoli.  My hope, though, is to get some lettuce replanted in the next few days.  The new seeds will hopefully fair better than the last.

I harvested our first radishes of the season the other day!!  It was quite exciting!  I planted two different kinds this year and it was fun to taste the differences in flavor!  Yum!

My potatoes are also doing well.  Their leaves are not as full as other people's potatoes, but I think that's due to their mostly shade location.  They are growing, though, in their shady spot, and that's all that matters to me!

The peppers and shallots are also getting along nicely!  I've discovered that shallot greens are quite a nice addition to salads and fried fish!

And lastly, my Giant Allium is now in full bloom!  She's oh-so pretty!  I must plant more of her kind this fall!

I hope your gardens all faired well in these heavy and insistent rains!  Here's looking toward a week of sunshine!