festival fun

Gosh, I have had the best of intentions of sticking to my regular blogging schedule, but the busyness and exhaustion of Summerfest always catches me by surprise!  Dan has been playing at this 11 day music festival for the past six years.  He plays twice a day, everyday, on this little side stage called the Tiki Hut.  It's a great place for new people to hear his music and buy a few CDs.  We thoroughly enjoy it, but my goodness, is it exhausting!  For an introvert like me, this drains every ounce of extroverted-ness out me! It's so worth it, though!  We meet so many lovely people and the income will help get Dan back in the studio again this fall.  

Here are a few pictures of what our days have been filled with.  We stay with our friends at their beautiful lake home outside of Milwaukee, which gives me the opportunity to make some of our own food and enjoy the tastes of home while being away.  

We are having a lovely time here!  We're both missing home, but are happy to know that the garden, chickens, and kitty-cat are in good hands.  We've been told that one of the chickens flew over the fence.  So, a proper wing-clipping ceremony will need to take place when we return!  Ha!  Tomorrow is a day off for us, and all of Summerfest, and we are looking forward to it very much!  For today, though, we are headed back to the grounds for another day of making music and selling CDs!