hanging storage

We live in a 100 year old house with little storage and many, many windows.  I love the windows, but they leave me with very few walls to put things on.  So, I've found that I need to be creative about where and how I store things.  

My sewing area is off of our dining room.  It has three walls.  Two windows fill one wall, three windows fill another, and a piano fills the third.  The natural light is lovely, but all that glass makes it rather difficult to store all of the crafty supplies that belong in a sewing room!  To add a little extra storage, I started working on a simple little project last fall.  Like most projects, it got tossed to the side when another project with a deadline came along.  However, last night, this little storage project surfaced again and finally got its finishing touches!  

I created these three simple bags to hang on a little nook-like wall between my bookshelf and window.  In order to be better organized in my sewing area, I wanted these bags to hold random craft supplies that have previously resided in messy baskets or bins.  Each bag was made with left over fabric and buttons from my stash.  I do so love projects like that!  The workmanship is nothing spectacular, just functional.  

I hung the bags on sticks with two nails in the wall for each one.  Once the bookshelf is pushed back into place, the bags are rather hidden, but that's one of the things that I love about the design.  They are cute and functional, yet they are mostly hidden from view.  With the open floor plan that our house has, it's great to have things tucked back into corners like this.  It makes the rooms seem less cluttered and full, while still fully utilizing the space.  It feels so good to have this little corner cleaned up and better organized!  It's amazing what a difference a little project like this can make.