garden notes :: 7.8.14

Garden, sweet, beautiful, growing garden!!  

It feels so wonderful to be home!  Our time in Milwaukee was lovely and very successful, but home is truly where my heart is.  I always try to prepare myself when returning from a trip that things may not look exactly how I expected them to look.  However, on this trip (thanks to a wonderful friend, neighbor, and brother) I was pleasantly surprised with what I came home to!  Hooray!!  

We have a few peppers and lots of pepper flowers!

The cucumbers are growing and starting to flower.  I initially planted six mounds with multiple plants in each and am down to three mounds.  I'm not exactly sure what happened to the others (they were gone long before my trip), but these remaining ones, while not thriving, are still surviving.  I'm hopeful of getting a least some cucumbers for fresh eating.  

The tomatoes are happy!!!  A few of the plants are up to my waist!  And most of them have green tomatoes on them as well.  I need to do a bit of research on blossom rot, though, as one of my sauce plants is showing signs of it.  

We started eating radishes before we left and I was so happy to come home and find them still growing!  Only a few have gone to seed, so we will have a bumper crop over the next week or so!  Yay!

The wax beans will be ready in the next few days and I'm rather excited about them as well!  The pole beans are growing as well, but much more slowly.

The summer squash and zucchini are doing so well!!  Last year I had very little success with either and so to have such healthily, flowering plants this year is making me quite happy.

The shallots also made quite a bit of progress while we were away!

My oregano is getting a bit out of hand and I'm wondering if I should have put it in the ground last fall....maybe I should have stuck to the annual deck pot...hmmmm.....

My rhubarb is finally looking healthy!!  I'm so pleased!  It will be year or two before we really get to eat much from it, but I'm happy to know that it likes its new home.  

Traveling is wonderful and so needed in life.  However, I also love how traveling has made me realize that my home has become my haven.  I've missed digging in the dirt and seeing the daily progress of my growing things.  I'm looking forward to a July full of those exact things!