a yolk blouse

I had big plans this summer of sewing up a storm!  However, as most of my creative plans go, there has been very little sewing happening in this house over the past couple months.  With August now upon us, the itch to make things and check things off my list has grown and I've found myself sitting in my sun room, as I call it, many times over the past two weeks either making plans, or making things!  It's been lovely!

This week, I finished a yolk blouse for myself!  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to and I'm throughly pleased with the result!  I created the pattern based on a simple yolk dress that I've had for several years.  It was fun to take something that fits me so well and adapt it to make a different article of clothing.  The fabric was a lovely cream and green vintage floral that my brother gave me for my last birthday.  Such a thoughtful gift!

It's so fun to see dream up something in my head and then be able to wear it just a few days later!  It's also been good to spend multiple hours in my sewing area, while listening to chickens cluck in the garden and yard just outside the window.  I truly am soaking up these last few weeks of my summer break!