garden notes :: 8.18.14

The garden is mostly happy these days!  Our tomatoes are ripening and the peppers are doing great!  The herbs are also doing well!  The zucchini and summer squash are not fairing as well as I'd hoped.  They are fighting some late season blight and have not been very productive yet. My kitchen has still been filled with squash from other sources, though, so it's working out just fine.  The pole beans have just started producing, which is wonderful, and the bush beans have just rebloomed and are producing again.  Yay!  I unfortunately lost an entire basil plant.  I'm not sure what happened, the bottom of the stem just stopped taking in water and the plant slowly started drying out.  So, I pulled it out of the ground and am now drying the leaves.  Oh well.

I hope your gardens are bringing you an over-abundance of produce and that your kitchens are busying putting it up for winter!