the first

I had every intention of telling you today all about my weekend canning frenzy, but yesterday ended with far too exciting news not to share it with you!!  Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming to come later this week on canning and muffins.....

...But for now... 

OUR FIRST EGG HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're sooooooooo excited!!!  (Well, Dan is unfortunately out of town...and is unable to stare at it and hold it, as I've been doing.  So, I'm trying to do enough of that for the both of us!)

The chickens have been making quite the ruckus lately!  So much so, that Dan began to do a bit a research, just to make sure that we didn't have any crazy ladies on our hands.  His research not only confirmed their sanity, but also their nearness to laying.  We have been waiting patiently (mostly) since the end of July, when they turned 4 months old.  We've (I've) been giving them almost daily pep-talks about earning their keep and lecturing them on the cost of their feed.  And, by golly, I think it worked!  As today, after a reported afternoon of significant squawking (by the chickens, not me), I came home to find a little egg nestled safely in one of the nesting boxes!  I just stood there staring at it with my mouth wide open for a little bit.  The first egg has FINALLY arrived!!!

As I held it and admired it's color and shape, I was (and still am) amazed by its perfection!  It's just so pretty and petite! 

I then picked veggies and tucked it neatly into my basket...'cause who wouldn't!??!

It then found a home in my adorable little egg trays that have been waiting even more patiently to hold something other than dust.  

We do believe that the lucky lady was Chicken, the chicken.  While I didn't expect her to be the first, I was happy to be able to give her a congratulatory squeeze this evening, as she's the only one of the five who will willingly let me hold her right now. 

Hooray, Chicken!!!!  You've officially entered hen-hood!!!  On behalf of the rest of the adult female population, I welcome you.