mile of music

This past weekend, I flew to Chicago, where Dan picked me up after a week-long stretch of shows.  From the airport, we drove to Appleton, WI, for Mile of Music, Appleton's annual music festival.  It was a fantastic weekend, full of great music, successful shows, and fun!  Dan played 5 shows in 2 days, which left us thoroughly exhausted by the time we left Appleton early Sunday morning.  Appleton's music festival is held in different restaurants and venues on their main street, so there is music happening inside and out for 4 days straight.  It's a great festival, if you ever find yourself in the Appleton area in early August!  

After a long, full weekend, it's lovely to be home again and have my husband home!  We are looking forward to a rather relaxing and low-key last couple weeks of summer!