joy comes in the morning

Two weeks ago, we lost someone very near and dear to our hearts.  It was a shocking loss that made us all stop and simply hold one another for days.  The details of the loss are not mine to share, especially not in a public space such as this.  But one thing I can share is that although the past two weeks have been filled with such sadness and heartbreak. They have also been filled with love, joy, peace, strength, support, and healing, both from the people who have surrounded us all and the God we serve.  

What I have learned from these past two weeks, is that God is forever faithful.  I have also learned that giving gifts of food is so needed and so appreciated in times of tragedy, especially when the food just shows up and requires no planning or coordination from those who need it.  The many gifts of food we received made us all feel so loved and supported, and allowed us all to be together without thinking about groceries or preparation.  

The flowers that showed up at my house, from a dear friend, also brightened my week and made me feel so very loved and cared for.  

Another small thing that brought a smile to my face these past two weeks was the number of people who still checked in on this space, even though I wasn't writing.  Thank you, dear readers, for being consistent and supportive of this little blog of mine.  I hope you and I can be blog friends for many, many years to come.  

Happy Monday to you all.