garden planning

February.  The month when, for me, winter suddenly starts to get a bit annoying.  When the cold seems extra cold, even when it's not, and the darkness seems a little darker even though the days are getting longer.  It's not my favorite month.  But, that's why I start my garden planning in February.  It's the perfect time, really, especially for those who like to start a few seeds in doors.  Last year I had high hopes of starting quite a bit inside, but with the excitement and preparation for our baby chicks, what I eventually started inside was so little when it came time to transplant that I ended up still buying seedlings.  This year shall be different, though!  So, a garden-planning I go!  

I do love the reflection that accompanies garden planning.  It's like a walk down memory lane--only it's a walk through my gardens of seasons past (with the warm summer sun slowly lightening my hair and warming my skin).  I laugh every year, though, at the things that I had all intentions to write down, but never did, and now I'm back to square one when it comes to what kind of bell peppers to grow...*sigh*...maybe this year I'll take notes...maybe this year...

How about you??? Have you started your gardening plans or are you at least dreaming of ideas??  I hope so.  It sure does make February more enjoyable!