washing windows

Windows!  We have so many windows!  Sixteen on our main floor, to be exact, and six upstairs.  I love our windows for the wonderful ventilation and natural light that the bring to our little house, but when it's time to wash the windows, it isn't a quick task!  And if we're being completely honest, it happens very rarely in this house.  

Now, sometimes in my natural living adventures I forget that some of the simplest, everyday tasks, I occasionally take for granted.  For example, over the past couple months, I've noticed in other people's homes the large number of cleaning supplies that fill their cupboards: tub and tile, disinfectants, wood cleaners, wood polishers, stainless steel cleaners/polishers, disposable floor mops and their specific cleaning solutions, the list goes on and on.  However, the one that always stands out to me as very unnecessary and often rather ineffective is the bottle of window cleaner.  The reason for this is that my Grandma taught me many years ago that the best way to wash windows is to use warm water, a little vinegar, and a little lemon juice.  And she is so very right about that.  Nothing is easier, cheaper, safer, or more effective!  

So, while this may not be new news to you at all, I thought I'd share it for those who may find their cupboards a bit overloaded with cleaning supplies and those who may be looking for a way to simplify and clean in a more natural, safe, and effective way.  This simple cleaning solution not only produces streak-free, crystal clear windows, but since it's made from edible ingredients, it's perfectly safe for anyone in your household to use (or accidentally consume!). 


Natural Window Washing Solution

1 gallon of very warm water

1/4 cup of white vinegar

2 tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh or bottled both work, but I prefer bottled since it's easier to use and doesn't have pulp)

Add the vinegar and lemon juice to the warm water and use a lint-free cloth to wipe down windows and sills with the water mixture.  Then use a dry towel to wipe the window dry.  I have found that microfiber cloths work the best for both washing and drying.  

And there you have it!!  A simple, natural, and effective way to wash your windows!  Thanks, Grandma Nola!