to market, to market

Wow!  Please forgive my silence in this space!  It has been a busy several weeks wrapping up summer and starting back to work part time.  My hope is to write much more regularly again once I fall into a new rhythm this fall.  So, please stay tuned! :)

For now, though, I wanted to share a bit about what I've been creating.  Because while I've been busy and not writing here, I have still be creating quite a few things!  Some of the things that I'm most excited about are these Drop Stitch Cowls (design by spiderwomanknits)!  I knit up a handful of them to sell at the Mama's Happy Artisan Market this coming weekend in Independence, MN.  Dan and I will be there Saturday morning.  He'll be playing some tunes and our little Oak tree and I will be selling his CDs and my cowls.  If you're local, come on out!  It's going to be a great day for an outdoor market!