A little about the blog...

Bees live and work their entire lives with one mission, one goal: to nourish the colony.  They work all summer to create the honey that will sustain them all winter.  Their lives are ones of work, seasons of endless work.  

We live in a culture where work is prized, where busyness is rewarded, where hours are supposed to be filled.  Some of this work is required in order to sustain our lives.  However, a lot of it is not.  

My mission in life is to create a life for myself and my family that is simple, yet full of fulfillment and nourishment.  I believe that life should be full of hard work, but that work should be the preparation needed in order to rest.  That work should only be what is useful and required for us to enjoy life.  

Throughout my life I’ve been referred to as a worker bee.  My hands are often busy creating something, be it food or craft.  While I love the metaphor of the worker bee, I think it is often misinterpreted in our culture.  We often think that a worker bee is someone who never stops working, akin to a workaholic.  However, bees work towards a goal of preparation all summer, but then stop working and “rest” (or shake to stay warm) all winter.  

So, in order to prevent misinterpretation, I don’t want to be known as a workaholic worker bee.  I want the work I do to be done with a goal of preparation, a goal to enjoy, to nourish, a goal to live.

I want to be known as The Contented Bee.