birth blends

I apologize to all of you readers out there who are not interested in all of the baby things that I've been posting lately...but they are consuming my thoughts and life and so there has been little else to post about!  Ha!  As we prepare for birth and to welcome this little one into our home and arms, I wanted to make a few essential oil blends that would aid us in that process.  As I've mentioned before, I love essential oils, but I'm not a fan of the hype that often surrounds them.  They have fabulous uses, but I like to keep it on the simple side and I buy brands that are readily available and affordable to me.  You can read a bit more about my take on essential oils here.  With that being said, I also love to make my own blends!  It's so fun to learn about all of the different oils and then to blend them together to make just the aroma that I'm looking for.  So, for baby and myself I made two different blends.  

The first one I made I called Sleep, Baby Sleep.  It's a calming blend that promotes sleep, calm, and peace for the new little one (as well as us).  I have a feeling that a few drops of that in the diffuser will likely become a regular bedtime ritual in our home.  

The second blend I called Mama Love and I plan to diffuse it and possibly use it topically during labor, birth, and in the weeks following.  The blend is very similar to the Sleep, Baby Sleep blend as it also promotes calm, rest, and relaxation.  However, it also includes Clary Sage which is a good oil to promote labor and lactation.  I also plan to use this blend in the future for a mood lifter and pain reliever during that trying time of the month.  

Sleep, Baby Sleep

50 drops lavender

40 drops rose geranium

30 drops bergamot

30 drops lemon

30 drops sweet orange

20 drops roman chamomile

20 drops ylang ylang

Mama Love

25 drops bergamot

25 drops clary sage

25 drops lavender

25 drops sweet orange

10 drops lemon

10 drops rose geranium

5 drops roman chamomile

5 drops ylang ylang

How about you??  Are there certain essential oils or blends that you love to use for these purposes or other purposes?  I'd love to hear about them!