return to routine

Today I go back to work at the University of Minnesota.  (For those who don't know, I'm an adjunct teaching specialist in the Minnesota English Language Program, which means I teach English as a Second Language to international students.)  After a full summer of traveling, gardening, reading, and a few little projects, I feel ready and excited to go back to work.  I love my job and the summer break is the fuel that gets me through the long hours of grading that will fill my next few months.  

With the end of the summer, for me, also comes the desire to return to a routine.  I love schedules and routines, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed my free schedule-less summer, I'm finding myself more than ready to get back to a more consistent rhythm.  

Yesterday, my house felt the preparations of that coming routine.  While the heat index caused my thermometer to rise, the oven added to the heat while I baked bread, two batches of muffins (stay tuned for a recipe), and a batch of granola.  I then also busied myself with cleaning the house, organizing a few things, and working through a bit of laundry.  I love feeling ready for change and that's just what yesterday did for me.  

Summer is not completely over, though, not until school officially starts (at least for me, that is).  This weekend will be full of canning and the MN State Fair, and next week will be filled with semesters plans and preparations, and then Labor Day celebrations.  There is still much fun to be had, and it looks like a lot more warm weather to be had!  So, while I'm excited for the routine, I'm also going to thoroughly these last days of summer!